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chair was compelled to call a halt. The debate showed the
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affected. Knowing as we do now that the mosquito is not
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pictures one marvels at the beauty and perfection of the process whereby
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In Ontario for the year ending in a population of over
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side correcting any obstruction that might exist giving the abdominal
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and at length of other organs more remotely situated in the animal
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development of the spores altogether in a solution of in o iX
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author contends most severe in those cases where the uterine cer
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practice of midwifery. The regUlatioH and training of mid
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hemorrhage. Taylor alludes to the case of a woman eight
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the desired effect on the legs but it keeps their hoofs cool
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effect on any case which is under trial. In reference to
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stages giving rise to a great similarity of symptoms
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unevenly the lowest parts receive an undue share the pressure re
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Dr. Finlaysox Clinical Lecture on Loss of i peech.
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sionally of animal or mineral substances in rectified spirit more
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Because of this tendency many drug authors are opposed to all at
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raised ovariotomy to a high pitch of excellence sur
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wrote a work of remarkable power. Gathering up from all
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had rather led him to suspect some chronic but ill defined disease of
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Istly By the wants of the country throughout its whole
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of our Graduation one thousand nine hundred and thirty seven.
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Medical Association that dog liver oil is being used in the United
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borne in mind that individual differences may exist and that the taste fibers
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It is not possible for every parturient woman to have
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ulac that compose a great part of the osseous struc
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cerated surface in the saccular dilatations. To this con
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body of a patient afflicted with a hemorrhagic disease tends to
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fessions then it can not e.xpect to become permanently established on
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quinine and the threatened miscarriage would in my opinion
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which has recently caused considerable discussion. It is supposed to be due to

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