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illegal, and this law should be strictly enforced. (One of our

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Toxicology of Salts of Calcium. — ^M. Babuteau has suggested that

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Feb. 17, 1921. Tonsils small, flat; surface smooth and pale; no exudate. Bac-

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(F.) Zur Kenntniss der"Herzepilepsie" im Allgemeinen

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after six months of testosterone replacement. Green-

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Water; Alum in saturated solution ; and the solution of the Sub-Sulphate

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Advances in Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine will have

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operation. Amenorrhoea was produced in 36 cases (in four after several

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appends the letters M.D. to his signature. We find,

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produced by epidemic influence. And perhaps there is no one

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thirty years and in only two or three of these have I found it neces-

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cells), the walls are seen to be infiltrated with cancerous cells. The membrana propria

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Pathological Chaeacter — Our knowledge of the pathology of spo-

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2.— Selection of a Climate for Tuberculosis. — R. Bel-

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year ago for offering an objection to holding the meeting

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and to teach secured by our grand and noble institutions.

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Bullitt may be expected from just such cases as this. Dr. Bullitt

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The vaccines are usually prepared from either (1) killed cultures of the

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fully described elsewhere. It remains to give a description of the

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and records them ; regulates steam to the boiler, coals to the

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■n<l flat* the etnltr of Iht toddle on tht middU of Iht hone's back, the end

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troduced by the above well-known surgeons, there is one

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ously named by them B. abortivo-equinus, B. abortus-equi, etc. The

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tion in cases of inflamed cyst. The termination of this case was

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feet from the originally mortified spot, the intervening length

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Dr. Williams informs me that his father is still in the habit of using

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presiding officer and in all probability this This is a practical convenience which,

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microscopic organisms, we have a right to demand that he

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neither of these cases was there any renal disease. Throe other cases

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two diseases — in ordinary rheumatism the fever and the

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water in the Seine is not only very low but has just

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sections of a tenia, the ends of each articulation being slightly swollen, giving

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as he has done two or three times before with accom-

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growth. Remaining in the obtuse condition for a short

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