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I have traced in several cases signs of a slight structural
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Sixth Edition. Revised and enlarged. Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston.
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secure both ends of clamps with stout cord and run two skewers,
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the meeting of the Town Council last week, Mr. Collins, a
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150 males and females, ages six through 1 8 . Street-based,
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made by the psychoanalysts, one will find a complete
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to the graduate who, in the opinion of his department, is most worthy, to
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Passed in the next twelve hours fifty-four ounces. Spe-
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{hat the bones of the skull were occasionally thin and brittle, and this led
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ish, and her countenance had an anxious aspect. I feared that a
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up fine, add just a httle water and dissolve by gentle heat,
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roundings render him especially lia])le. The integmnents aff'ord less com-
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Graham and Daniel! — theories base<l upon certain electrical deconijtositions
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between the horizontal and an inclination of 45°, and
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was in good health, and immediately under the eye of her ac-
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“ his mood; to deal he minded, ere day should come,
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Moisten the powder with sufficient water and allow it to stand
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occur am'^vhere in the body, the varix is usually asso-
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most desirable to avoid in young boys. It is very undesirable,
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In October, 1870, he married Elise Mitchell, and his wife
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Evisceration as compared with Enucleation. — Evisceration
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is not al>.soiutel> e&seiitiul lor the continuance of
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of qualified medicare beneficiaries. It was reported that
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the physical signs of heart disease, still their presence
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way than to first secure their maceration in some fattv substance, such
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the times. We propose as soon as we can, to avail ourselves of this work in giving
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scissile alum p. X- viit. sal ammoniac p. X- viii. =. scales of copper p. X- xvi.
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generally ; for we read that Rush, Lawrence, Jackson, and Ashbel
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rior recti muscles.] Vestnik oftalmol., Kiev, 1890, vii, 317-
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cases is related of a Fiench prisoner of war, who was extremely
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consistence, and irregularly mottled with black pigment. The
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taur Kheiron." The Ancient Empires of the East, p. 156. New York, 1881
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paresis, multiple sclei-osis, tabes, myelitis, neurasthenia,
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