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and while declaring themselves to be philosophers, physicians,
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natural garments distinguished rather for their quality of tex-
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the Foetus." The article is very interesting, and much
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2. Linell E, Norden A. Mycobacterium balnei: new acid-
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Meteorology, Medical Topography, and Epidemic Diseases.
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diseases a more or less complete state of starvation may be developed.
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tant objection to this view of the case — that, if it be correct, it is most remark-
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Work and Energy ; Kinematics ; Kinetics ; Attraction and
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caused by a conflagration of which we shall give an abbreviated description.
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Well, there is, first, the agreeable remedy to many, a hot toddy
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following : Preventive — milk diet, jiurgatives, and diuret-
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household, the mission of the ' good physician ' is venerated as the visi-
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occurred in Charleston, S. C, Augusta, (ia., rnid New Orleans, in tlir
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inoculation was made on the 144th day after the series was started. Further-
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one cares nowadays for the marking on the body of the Spanish
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Dr Craig remarked, that he had recently seen a case of dropsy,
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