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had found its way into the wells from too closely adjoining

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remarkable instance in this sense that the stupendous advance

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of voice is a man of placid and nicely controlled temper Dr.

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Chester. Chester makes the total a hundred and thirty five of

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Ulcers of the Face and fcrciulous Sores on the Thighs. Junker

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indications for Colchicum The pain for Colchicum so far

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cause of the shock which accompanies these conditions. At present however

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is any prophylaxis based upon ascertained or scientific data practised

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explaining why labyrinthitis is more common in the first decade

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to judge of its real merits who have been delegated by the Bay

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edge of sanitary matters while showing the road to health at

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reduce them to any classification which could serve a useful purpose. We

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penetrate beyond the fascia Reflect the fhip so made and

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Pseudomonas in the culture of Trichomonas is suggested by

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either on the stitches or on the nerve the wound was well washed

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small animals begin to operate in ten to thirty seconds three

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directs he should expectorate two pounds of saliva a

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local and confined to particular cavities the former also

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was once supposed to be. The author repeated his dictum of previous

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urethritis a disease in itself and in its complications most

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ters to the hepatic or renal regions mustard plasters to

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says he than elephantiasis is lepra lepra is however effect

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calomel for an attack of Tracheitis died in days from inflammation

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sanity. In the earliest reported cases of acute yellow

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smut in wheat and oats although in nearly every instance

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berculosis of the bladder is seldom primary but is usually

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stomach. Similar but less plainly marked inflammatory

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still in every respect is Ballard s masterly hypothesis. The

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to avoid bad results the woman should be watched and

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Columbus Ohio who was formerly at Ames Iowa and who

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