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Of the benign conditions from which this must be dillerentiated,

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a successful case that occurred in France in which six punctures

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cases. It is clearly due in part to the anaemia, but the cardiac debility

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fistulae yielded to it. Similar other well-known chronic

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may be diminished, normal, or increased (up to 37 per cent.). The

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arrest respiration. Then, again, such drugs as pro-

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that the patient begged to be put under his former treatment

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" cornea into the anterior chamber just as much as a matter

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which are increased by every attempt to move that portion of the

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and then the other. Finally, the inoculation was done

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in azoturia. Again, when from some impediment to the respira-

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meal has not exhausted the possibilities of this method. It is well suited, for in-

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but the list has been revised and restricted as a result of recent studies.

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forgiven for saying so) highly creditable reports concerning

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not the least trouble experienced. The sac, being left

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President Norfolk Medical Society. (Signed) J. J. Hall, D. D.

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Madras, though its seasons are not so marked there as in the

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may have the advantage of an elective operation ;" while

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taught him that skin irritations do no occur nearly as frequently

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ease of the heart necessarily exclude the existence of

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a large supply of Roots, Barks, and Herbs put up by the

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sisting of fatty softened muscle, and broken-down cancerous bone. The body of the

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often less characteristic. At the present time also, the sources of poison-

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they must be willing to follow ; that the world is full of pit-

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of visceral malignant disease ; but never, so far as is known, with the

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fortnight." Through my attorney I ga\e a full and un-

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There are also abundant facts which seem to show that, under

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central convolution with absolutely no motor disturbances.

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