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lished by the government is wasted because it does not reach

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a new appendix containing a number of additional hints.

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v. Woolsey and Jobling. A report on hemorrhagic septicemia

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diaphysis. Only one or two minute arteries pass into the epiphy

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cosity and hypervolemia. Thrombotic complications may

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Patient W. W. carpenter aged entered the Hospital January

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Gastrojejunostomy is not yet an obsolete operation neither is it

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normal process of adjusting the complexes themselves to the needs of external

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Materia medica which gives a descriptive accoimt of drugs

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mon sources of the metastatic lesions of the central nervous system.

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and Joslin have made numerous metabolic observations on diabetic

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cases had not required reoperating in more than S per

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cords the parts below the cords and the trachea. The symptoms present

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slough deeply. In the ordinary case the fever is never high

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their health status. Information on the dead persons came from

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until Dr. Da Costa s third visit on April th the forty

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