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pathetio or intercostal nerve, spread along the neck, in the chest

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porary absence, to retain such patient after his return and contrary to his

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i the thyroid gland. ", Appearance of a portion slightly separated and

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erally swollen, and in one place, just to the right

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to poisoning when applied over an extensive surface. We

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experience could induce us to believe, that the remedies

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pellation to indicate hepatic induration. Bianchi even spoke of the ^^jecus

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behind that, around the spleen, was a small amount of

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recommends the following method for overcoming this distressing symptom

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with a recent case of the kind published in the Provin-

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Jonas 9 on the Continent. The other two forms of functional

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to the unsatisfactor)' way in which he estimates the pro-

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this undoubtedly is of special use when the stomach

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Control. These cases have been extensively analyzed, and in

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therefore it is not surprising that many allopathists should re-

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signs are in my opinion of much less value than those obtained by

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Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he must say all he has to say in the

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his parish school, four of whose children had severe diphtheria.

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Sig. — ^This quantity to be taken in half a glass of

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of conference, to which the Senate agreed. The commit-

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skull, and the skull has a bony projection at each side, called the

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Steps were taken to enter a protest in the Legislature against

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been erroneously identified. The various errors above enumerated, of which the

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times seen amono: the lonj^er ones. In (jlucose-aorar involution

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get a view as far as the bifurcation without any special difficulty. In

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after a while the symptoms recur, and again amendment follows ; and

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is where to go, for one likes to gain some mental profit as well as

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Prognosis. — Prognosis as to the issue of acute miliary tuberculo-

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liable to severe headaches, had fits, ushered in by an aura,

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necessitating the use of the catheter several times a day. That gentleman

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cumstances, the worst thing that is likely to happen is the

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coraceous materials which at various times have been

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utable to the .recognised laws of the natural sciences, we shall find our-

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Having extended our analyfis of the preceding orders to a

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