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animal recovered from the operation promptly. On March 21 the urine

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Issued, shall be identified and reinspected at the time of receipt, and shall be subject

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or when friable parts are to be sectioned, and especially when tumors

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expression of a common cause, the picture varying with the character of

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the physician must be an integral part of the plant

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v..,ains ..vervthinu' f.'.m. the hasal gan-.'lia .lou.nvar.l. Tl,.' op,.,-at,oi,

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without doubt would be a political issue in the next na-

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at the forehead. The forehead bulged, giving the impression that the eyes

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slight change, the essential feature being SO marKeO, excepi me meai;s 01

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dustrial physician is legally obliged to fulfill re-

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provided at slight expense. This treatment may be supplemented

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workers. Maclean and Smedley" and Underbill and Prince*^ alcme state

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hyaline islands are naturally very much more conspicuous than the normal

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cal thyroid lobes which were described as “reddish, meatlike

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1947, in Jefferson City. It was decided to inaugurate

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One of the surest and easiest means of routinely administering vitamin D (and vitamin A)

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to 1, can be changed in the same tissues to 2.4 to 1

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occurs about one-tenth of a second after the A, wave on the apex trac-

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agers of small plants who are likely to turn first to

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has an inlliiciice mi iiiaii> divei-si' nr^aMs and elands is an lindniihted

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of needed vitamins, carbohydrates or iron. BlOLAC, when

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which the cattle are to be treated. In order that the most promising

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running amuck, as it implies an inherent and incurable defect of

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the Bureau, the condemned carcasses and parts are removed from the retaining room

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the fa.'t that, whe.i adenine is injeeted sul.eutai.e..uslv into these nni

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Th.M'c are. lu'sidcs. certain experimental facts which do not conform

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beef at once exerted themselves to assist the city health authorities

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V .- found that no secreti..n was prodiu'e.! by a tuninR forlt vibratni!.'

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for ti.o .list...-l.an....s luMnj.' tl.at inte.MVn..... with th. ...-n-hoUar ......t.-o ..t

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of inspection for all carcasses of cattle, sheep, swine, and goats, and the meats or meat-

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showed by its virulence and by its tardy development upon dog

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carefully regulating the trade labels that go on the packages. The

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variable latent period they are seen to send out processes, assume

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FAMOUS-BARR CO ST LOUIS available: sleeping brassieres, hospital binders,

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regulated series that it represents the original mass minus the energy

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protoplasm to the yolk. In a large number of the eggs the protoplasmic

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l,|no<lllow tiii'ou-h the hi.nils an.l feet ' pa-,- -js:!!. When the ti'iiiperatuiv

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wheresoever they may serve, in home or hospital, if it

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