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The following abstract made up from the Treasurer s Report will show the

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sal use of anfesthesia in surgery. If Morton could have had

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sutures should be of silk worm gut. When this has been ac

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Late Medical Superintendent of Lunatic Asylum Hanwell Middlesex etc.


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the State. The programs are again printed by Southern Medicine

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mediate many other intracellular processes such as calmodulin dependent phos

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The following cases of special interest may be briefly

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is found to be unless it has ruptured smooth with evident fluctuation

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diseases not peculiar to war but which might overtake

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The estabUihed affection defies all known methods of treatment.

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Determinations of the Neutralizing Power of the Globulins

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of cases are Cases and. Case is reported to have recovered

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In the same discussion Dr Ernst Krackowizer reported

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oculability of tubercle and the relation of epizootics to epidemics.and

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come because of the fixation of the tissues from non use and

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space habitat Purification of the oxidized liquor for human

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slight loss of weight and anemia there is usually but one inter

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counteracting the preflure of his fingers with it from this neg

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Joints and Ligaments of the of the iv f j the principal

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relation to each other. Por instance with such substances

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