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shall have been more fiilly established than at the present time.
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cular elevations ; they are more distinct towards the pyloric portion of the
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the second Tuesday in April, and continues ten weeks.
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and febrile. He could not sleep at night, and suffered from con-
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" Orders from all parts of the Dominion of Canada supplied by The Canadian Pep-
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Schulze-Berge,Koechl&Movius, 79 Murray St.,N.Y.
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searches on this subject ; see, also, a monograph on this subject by the same author.
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also with the fact that in a large proportion of the cases of bronchitis it
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produced by the too early administration of a cathartic, when the disease
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largest number of deaths, and shows, therefore, those which
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ketamine ketoprofen lidocaine gabapentin amitriptyline baclofen cream
larity in the- action of the heart is not infrequent. Intermittenc}' of the
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spoonful was given with less difficulty. After this he swallowed readily,
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laryngitis, which may be developed in the first, as well as in the second,
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I prescribe for any premonitions, and, in the single case, the prescription
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ficial veins, oedema of the face and upper extremities, and more
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were entertained that convalescence was established. On the
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ential diagnosis. Dr. Stokes has known gastritis to be mistaken for pneu-
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not omit daily examinations of the chest in cases of rheumatism, with
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molecule of which it is composed, is endowed with the principle
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powers of life. Another purpose of emetics is to aid in detaching the
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particulars, see annual announcement and catalogue, for
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cording to the varying tolerance in different cases.
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the affected side which corresponds to the si)ace occupied by tlie liquid.
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By the term emphysema, however, as applied to the pulmonary organs,
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The Seventieth Winter Session will begin October 1st, 1891 and end March 1st, 1892. Spring Course
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of every physician who subjected it to test, and it may
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of course depends on the parts affected, together with and extent of the dis-
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fifteen or twenty deaths, most of which would seem to have
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bowels. She was taken home at once and placed under the
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recognizes no one, and has neither asked nor made any sign
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angina pectoris, and expressing the distinction by saying angina with, and
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showing clearly that it had been previously depressed by the
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of Profs. Von Pettenkofer, Parkes. Kreiger. Buck and others.
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perfect health all her lifetime, complained, about four months
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and in every instance from healthy children, with unquestionable
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be an effect of embolism of the hepatic arteiy. Again, cerebral embolism
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Proceeding to notice the points in the clinical history which distinguish
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ence upon the latter. Some eminent French authors oppose the use of
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him relieved by frequent comfortable sleeps. Several terebin-
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For the accomniodation of our Subscribers, we will supply both.
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Orania, in which accurate pictorial representations are given of a
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gesic action, which may last as long as thirty-six hours.

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