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In view of the results obtained in this large institution from the

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body. The upper surface of the body was rubbed with the hands and pieces

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has a greasy coating — moist at first, dry later — and at last may become

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secondly, the category of nervous cases contains many which, after

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moved, treated in the same way. They are far the best for

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of 75 "" F. Here you have builded a palace and an elysium

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superb. No description can do them justice. It is a paradise

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physicians should be more or less familiar with them. The

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ened to this and is introduced into the uterus. Some sort of handle for

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in feeding, bathing, and general care, and its clothing. This

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eve, and as he says, " is very simple." — Medical Record.

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the toxine, and its serum will be the antitoxin to the tubercle

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yet I am fully persuaded that sufficient progress has been

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What has been said in the chapter on " Treatment of Neurasthe-

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thing could be done, because that would take too much time, but

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disposition to this condition has existed; and insanity is relatively more

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ptomain poisoning, and of this toxaemia as the chief cause of the

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the lid had been lifted as a last precaution. The redoubtable

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ucts do not keep for transportation unless hermetically sealed,

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ency to centralization of tuberculous growths, as, for example, in the

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110°-120° F., when prolonged, increases the body temperature and

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which usually interchange with simple weak heart (often associated with

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lar structure. These hemorrhages may occasion pigmentary deposits in

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anemic appearance. The cellular elements partake of the nature of

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only be useful in cases of pancreatic diabetes. He gave in-

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The first officer remarked, rather cheerfully, that if the wind

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a tumor- ridge extending across the upper abdominal region. Among gen-

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And yet how quickly, how easily, how utterly is this beautiful

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diminished in amount or absent during the febrile stage, presumably for

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gives the statistics of typhoid mortality for six years, ending May,

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of the blood, of course, may be lessened by the lessening of

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