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cavity, cause it. Then we find the chronic form caused from starvation,

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ent methods of fertilizing are given under the variety

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lic for whom we labor, we are now striving to become more united and

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ger. The district just examined is said to be the worst

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the place where the fougasse exploded, was struck by some of the

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Dr. A. M. CartlEdge, Louisville : I rise simply to commend the

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Hirsch, Susan C. Clinical Instructor in Medicine. Assistant

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oy a steady, persevering alteration in these particulars. The medi

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woman who has passed her grand climacteric is in no way enfeebled, it may

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cases is estimated at from twelve to fifteen per cent. Com-

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plain and to give the reasons why such treatment is used,

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day several large tenacious clots were removed and genital tract

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blades, without any other substance intervening, the indication

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who had given special attention to vertical fractures of the patella.

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owe them nothing, and when reduced to an abject state of

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the more acute cases. At least £1,000 is required to establish a

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pretend to solve it definitely in the present state of our knowledge.

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cies that descend from the grand parents, or skip a genera-

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be due to its division. In some fibres the axis cylin-

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when the primary and secondary manifestations are least

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teen months ago. The vessel is quite small and the blood stream

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