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PATH OF DUTY more dearly and to follow it more bravely more

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ciation s Transactions it having been described by the author

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tion but later developed a weak irregular pulse vomiting dyspnoea

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serum taken. This method is open to some objections but with careful

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Section D. Instruments and Books including Appliances

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first menstruated at the age of the flow recurred regularly

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of the body from that on which they first began indicates

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pressure is that the secretions are improved and all the tissues of

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agglutinating with dysentery serums may still give a reaction with

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Miy. amp Einjr mutt not be signed but must be marked

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uncertain or absent. It is probably the cases in which few or

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operated upon for stenosis of the pylorus so called when it

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repeated daily without harm. To act upon the bowels

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time of reporting his case all the symptoms except a

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supplementation or increased dietary intake ot potassiuhi ricb

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Xedieal Bibliography. By the recent death of the Index Medicus all

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and for the distribution of pamphlets of information.

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To illustrate some of the conclusions at which I have arrived

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a resident physician in the Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. I

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superfetation at a more advanced stage in the development of

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Dr. Hibberd moved that Dr. Theophilus Parvin of Indiana be ap

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cases which heretofore have not been cleared up and that the cases

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water is taken as usual. A diarrhea is always present from the

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