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Reply : To the criticism in regard to the expression " I do

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diagnosis of our disability board became a matter of controversy

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We need not go back to even so recent a period to recall

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4:00 o'clock in the afternoon with a history of having had a total

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of her first menstruation, a profuse and extended one that came on the

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Those organisms included yeasts (blastomyses), aspergilli, and peni-

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value of iodoform must rest upon its prolonged action. Solutions are absorbed

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Of the 7 total extirpations, 4 were performed before 1881.

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trouble is an interval of exaggerated susceptibility, when the medical

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person who shall have registered and paid the special tax;

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It is to be regretted that the old spelling of " hoemorrhoids '' is

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and chloroformed. On opening the abdomen, a plexus of veins was found

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assured that such officer has betrayed his trust and broken faith

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The history is very briefly given of a young woman with typical tuber-

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presented itself recently at the Orthopaedic Clinic of Professor Willard,

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When the anesthesia wears off the pain will be intense, and

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consider how slight an injury in an infant may produce a severe contu-

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During the process of menstruation topical applications were almost

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A deteriorating process like Dementia Praecox can, of course,

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so far as the Army Medical Service should continue to treat them

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blood at site of adhesions. Left ovary was quite normal, with the

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