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Guyot, J. Colectomie pour volumineux megacolon congenital. Gaz. hebd. d.
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which are usually present, according to Gandy, are : (1) some characteristics
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months. The vesicles, which became as large as grapes, did not heal till
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common to all of them. AschofFs strain often grows into filamentous
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with the Wassermann reaction, and hence the formation or secretion of the
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undergoes in the blood and tissues. The form in which urobilin
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slightly alkaline peptone water of Nocht in test-tubes to each of which
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In all cases the chancres were situated on the scalp and were multiple ; the
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even of transient benefit. Thus, on the one hand, Liebermeister^
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Manson and Thornton found that novarsenobillon 0-9 gm. gave the
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of Paschen, Lipschiitz, and other authors, such granules probably have
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the rosindol reaction are specific for indol although the latter is the more
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adhesions and associated fixation or displacement of stomach or
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of cases. The percentage of parasitic relapses was highest in the age-group
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Since trivial head injuries are the ones calculated to produce chronic sub-
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indicate the presence of a chronic inflannnatory process in the
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Paterson, P. A neuroma myoma of the mesentery. Lancet, 1913, ii, 997.
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Southworth, S. The segregation of pneumonia. J. Am. M. Ass., 1920,
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clinical and experimental observations. The confusion between the
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indicated in cases of doubtful diagnosis. In all cases, however, the immediate
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diagnosis of heart-block by electro-cardiographic records at the age of 3, the
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During the present winter pneumococci from fifty-two cases of
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operation were constipated and clay-coloured, and the urine was loaded
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formation indicates that the tissues of the leukaemic individual have lost the
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by a study of the postmortem material. In the other cases the
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According to M. Ramond, the most suitable hour for baro-
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Trendelenburg had assumed that the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism
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eroded area was found in the prepyloric region with a small throm-
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pally to children, and for the most part to those of a feeble
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and all had issue, as follows: Oldest daughter who died at fifty-five
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the selective staining of the macrophages suggests the possibility that these
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All communications on editorial matters should be addressed to
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wait for its disappearance before declaring that recovery is established. Its
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centrifuging a mixture of 0-5 c.cm. 3 per cent, citrate and 4-5 c.cm. venous

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