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observation too early to observe any effect. In the

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The official opening of the new Slayton Clinic in a

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drainage per vaginam may save the most desperate case. No sutures are left to

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The treatment, which throughout was by means of instru-

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of pain the veins of the right arm appear full. A paroxysm

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and there were Hakes of yellow lymph at the base about the great vessels,

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frequently be efficaciously treated. Bandages and similar appliances are use-

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If your medical assistant is not a member of AAMA, please

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insubordination, discontent, desertion anil disease

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preceded ^ premonitions, such as vertigo, impairment of mentaf faculties,

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in 12. Of these 71 cases, 43 were in the preataxic stage

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in 1831 — were attended by the best results — states that " Food

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patient occupying- the g-enu-pectoral position. Ordi-

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ascertain whether the matters vomited have contained ingesta in more or

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delphia College of Pharmacy. Edited by William Procter, Jr. July, Sep-

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We must never forget the due allowance to be made for the con-

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"Not rarely, after a temporary remission, there occurs in cases

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Pennsylvania in 1853, received the degree of A.B. in

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testines were considerably displaced toward the median line and

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and was able to resume Avork. He was seen in the middle of March, 1881,

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relation to the (]uestioii of the nutritive value of

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unable to use its hand for volitional movements ; there was a sensoi-y

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first time, December 10th, 8 a. m. Skin hot; cheeks flushed ; pulse 104; respiration 20;

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keep out contamination), when one side only of the cover is raised

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of a largo proportion of ca.ses of dysmenorrhoea was really

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known how reluctant patients are to consent to such a mutilation as

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isted for this : I, the stone when small was easily removed

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agree, it is indisputable that the superiority of the | Last September I showed my improved forceps to

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other. The scholastic monks of the 13th century are not to

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PI. 35, 36, 37, and 38. Distinctive Diagnosis between External and Internal Inguinal Hernia, Taxis, Seat of

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flakes; separated from the water it is at first perfectly. limpid,

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As the Transactions of the Society are becoming year by y^ar more

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those two exceptions. After a night of apparently quiet sleep, she

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tion of the pus, curettage of the abscess wall, drying of the cavity by

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