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cultures were obtained. The growth was washed off with sufficient distilled

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SOAP, analysed by Dr. Hofmann, F.R.S., a:id Professor

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irritative rigidity sometimes observed at the commencement of paralysis,

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Skidmore, Mo., died May 10th; M. S. Butler, of Chorokee, Iowa, died

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value or cost of all injuries must, in the nature of the case, be extreme-

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More rarely the curious condition of dislocation of the ulnar nerve

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moved, the other in a case of cancerous infiltration.

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cold astringents or by plugging the nostril with cotton wool

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1889, Ixiv, 577-579. Also, Reprint. — i:hi.'«tovich (S. I.)

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Italian professors have made it a special study, and the

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The difficulty of endorsing Williams' diagnosis lies in the fact

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tine, aspiration would in any event have proved useless.

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usually a consequence of simple bronchial catarrh. In

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found Fiiediander's pneumococcus in the lungs in all his fatal

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of cholera, we shall find is not uniform. lu general,

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ond or third day of the attack. An excellent means of fumigation is

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that the smoke would cause lung damage. He said that people had

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There was slight irregular fever. Extreme hypersesthesia of the whole

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