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skewer ; dip them in the yolk of an egg, then in crumbs of
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there were fifty-two operations with one death. Seven
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Case 121. — Operator, Halley, 1895. Dorsal region ; duration two
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Patient very restless, but suffered no pain during or after
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about by disorder of the gastro-intestinal tract or the female genital
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it has been frequently canvass^ remains at this day as
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mal" position, but the pessary is useless, and, if useless, injurious.
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remedy is care and honesty in tho distribution of letters oS
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1. — Broca points out that fractures in children are
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will demand more intelligent interpretation than " cool-
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Piedagnel has introduced veratria as a remedy for acute rheumatism,
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which in man, on the contrary, requires a period of twenty-
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reason for inquiry into the efficiency of the medical
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to be regarded as authority in medical etiquette ; to call
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himself- and there was no moral circumstance which seemed likely to have
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give a peculiar brilliancy to the eye like a drop of molten glass deposited
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after prolonged erection, not infrequently occasions much uneasiness in the
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symptoms. This period varies from a few minutes to several
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to produce this result, and we have seen ft in some families,
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tan parasites is not severe enough to cause their stagnation
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experience of "vicious circle" in which I found the cause
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than as a relatively unimportant secondary manifesta-
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any purpose of respiration : the prospective gain on the
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rarely Raynaud's disease, but the postfebrile and other forms. In a few
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menstrual period, and the menses have suddenly ceased, the presump-
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edema of the feet is common as a terminal symptom; marked dropsy, however,
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port and stimulation and to treat constitutional symptoms as
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In the following experiment two injections of turpentine have
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must be remembered that the dishes are of the most homoe-
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with the bichloride of mercury, ever since the operation,
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culous Individual, Jour, de radiol. et d'electrol., 1916, % 323; abstr.. Am. Jour.
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encouraged to portray sexual expression in a realistic
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the next stage fine, and later, coarser eosinophilic gran-
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slightly larger than lymphocytes, aud the largest are
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law, a magistrate sitting in petty session was not the one to
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invalids as if they had gastritis or stomach dyspepsia.
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prompt us only to a deeper investigation, which will almost invariably disclose

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