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cal Association and the Connecticut State Medical Soci

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to urinate continued the rupture beinjr into cavity of

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ment of the insane that while the acute cases are quite

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that have not followed an of these courses have after an

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the fore limbs round the hinder ones as a centre. These rhythmic

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eral supporting treatment will accomplish the result.

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the cultivation of coca was prohibited oh account of the

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Itchf and other cutaneous Eruptions as it were by a Crifis no

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a peripheral. The internal is chiefly formed by a compact or vacuo

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year we have been consulted with reference to three cases of carcinoma

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authorities whom I have personally questioned have not regarded

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although the centrifugal process deprives tubercular milk

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incident to pregnancy must not be charged to prejudice as I

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tient with acute dilatation of the stomach. The man was

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with aphasia. Sometimes the hemiplegia comes on suddenly. Again

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solution was injected intravenously. Preceding the intravenous injections the

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the temtory than they have been replaced by an enemy more

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Nervous System. The dull heavy listless expressionless emotionless

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the muscles and denuding the protruded portion of the bones of

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A few weeks later Key was in his grave in St. Dionis

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In the first year from May to the same date the num

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The prompt destruction of the sputum would go far towards

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tural Department for tbe purpoaes of such inspection.

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firmly adherent to the ribs together u ith several hun

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with a chemical one might tend to mystify some but on the assurance

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cold being not only stimulant but likewise sedative seem

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all at the beginning of the paroxysm and she felt as if her

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same portions of the intestine that the superior mesenteric

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