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with every prospect of further increase. The Board of

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jequirity, using a small quantity of the jjreparation made for

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The food which we eat may introduce poison and death, or at least

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peristaltic ; its muscle rhythmically develops ""sis is made possible and relapses can be

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•everal years, came to the Infirmary with the intention of remaining one

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It has been previously stated that of all the means of cure at our

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Until such preliminary education be made the necessary

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may be able to smoke without fear the rest of his days. Certain

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physicians, he takes a conservative position on this subject,

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see if they can take a drink of liquor, to learn whether or

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the introduction of the Walcher position into practice. Mul-

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thousand and one excuses — for getting clear of their

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outwardly, without the covering sloughing. As a result of this, the

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only living descendant of Dr. Horace Wells, the discov-

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pensation. The author then made a number of experiments, in which he

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place. Thus we find that the quantity of discharges collected, in

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placed about the patient's abdomen. From the start to-

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erected the silly opposition of the antis to this under-

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first in two halves, and then by one wire encircling the

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its murmur be small or loud) only calls for moderate

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cocci are found in the pus, but probably these are not the true cause

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whose course has been constantly irregular, and ushered in sometimes

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became infected and in some instances great epidemics followed, while

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tinctly one case in which impacted teeth were removed and

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