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162 Radical Cure of Large Umbilical Hernia. W. J. Hunter

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close my eyes to appeals for help in times of distress,

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Indiana : EvansvIUe, March 23-30, 1 case ; Terre Haute, March

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the century. To-day all civilized peoples are so united

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57. Gonorrheal Ophthalmia. — Four cases of this disorder

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we are prepared to carry on organliation. We have all our com-

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was generally in a good humor, hopeful and patient. No

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ators were Dr. P. B. Barringer, Charlottesville, Vs.,

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reported in private practice the mortality was about 5 per

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the other social gatherings on the following evenings.

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But even though it should be found that few natural

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for all time to come, for the reason that you are thoroughly con-

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Case 16. — Crush and pulpifaction of the thigh, with gan-

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opportunity for estimating the true value of the pneumococcic

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peritoneum closed over the floor of the pelvis. Mann reports

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Salt Solution in Sevsre Bums. A. Bbsson. — ^The blood

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(This Symposium is arranged with special reference to

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One object of removing blood clots is" to prevent cyst

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20, under the presidency of Dr. Park Weed Willis, of that

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in the other body tissues; 3, carefully to correlate the results

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majority of gastric ulcers are situated posteriorly and not

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others of a different class. Cardiovascular disease is particu-

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to omit from the .Toubnai. of the American Medical Asso-

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of all the remaining pulmonary tissue. Fibrinous ex-

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ated state societies as will bring the total membership

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outward the containing wall, was a marked feature. Probably

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ject; its technique; the possibility of relieving suffering there-

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M.D., Professor of Diseases of the Chest in the Philadelphia

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victim of professional infection. W. von Heineke, professor of

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per cent, under surgical treatment. A number of operations

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in medicine we are to imderstand (as the definition of the

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Acute Tellow Atrophy of the Liver Terminating in Be-

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jected to unfair and humiliating discrimination. This

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ating power is transmitted through the mother's milk, even

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