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tion and a general peritonitis should the perforation lead into
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The Treatment of Sciatic Neuritis by the Local Abstraction of
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observed almost exclusively in horses and especially in thor
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Koeniglich Preussische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu
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fit him to handle unsanitary conditions better than the medical
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coarse crepitus of a fracture can seldom be mistaken in
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It is thus seen that the anthrax disease may be divided into two
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plague some of them severe. One of them that of a French
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The Society is to be congratulated that there are so many
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some period of his life. Vaccination is practised but
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on the other Why do these changes whatever they may be
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spaces narrowed from contraction of scar tissue. The diaphragm and
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only to the practical side of these questions and to
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Barks are to be gathered in the Spring previous to flowering
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moderately and the air circulates sufficiently to avoid mould
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stomach and of not inducing total insensibility or unconsciousness.

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