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the cases exhibited. Antiseptic precautions were used from
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he used to relieve by holding the arm out at right angles to the
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phite, or magnesium sulphate will be beneficial. It is a
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contraction, but that this only occurs when the plexus of Auerbach
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The spleen is much enlarged, weighing 10 ounces; its tissue
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Medical Officers of Health and others who are already receiving
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stitial spaces of the tis.sues, and between the epithe-
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freely in the salivary secretions, which explains the infectiousness of the bites
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the more severe and resistant to treatment is the stammering likely
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course," said the dear, delightful, confiding creatures who
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The sacrum, he asserts, is formed only of three por-
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supplied promptly under stimulus of severe exertion. He is in-
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Body very elongated and furnished with a number of long hairs.
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after periods of alcoholic excesses, have seemed to recover, and later
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lymphatic glands in the abdomen, near the pancreas, were
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jam , qukm anrei unquam certioratus , efle benedidtam Dei virtutem,
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gallstones and kidney stones, angioplasty and stenting for
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one to mistake it for a streptococcus or diplococcus. In cover
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Laboratory of Bacteriology, read a paper on the " Ba-
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Comments. — The peculiar and persistent tumefaction which occurred in
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fifth the price of the equivalent dose of sulphate of quinine. In a
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obtained by treatment, which must be a mental one, influenced by
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dent, Dr. Frederick Hyde, called the meeting to order, and the minutes
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Nelson Baker and Co., Fluid Extract Digitalis =N., B. and Co.
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Translated by O. D. Palmer, M. D., from the Gazette Hebdomadaire.
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work, one at least being spent in resident appointments,
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another tendency : that of working in grooves and attain-
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flesh, which grow iu and fill up holes made by wounds.
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injection. The strengths are gr. yi-- and gr. ^5-, which are those
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meet, oocaaioiially, instances of yerj great and obsti-
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vesicular ^md granular lavers^ on the outer surface of the fibrous; none, so fcur as can be

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