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tumors. Several similar inconsistencies are noted. . He

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philanthropically forwarded a few points to us, and a ievj more have been

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treatment, he thinks the cases due to faulty inspiration are

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76. He was noted as a botanist, was one of the founders of

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dom, and to make extensive practical use of the idea

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others, on the ground that, "in closing the womb one

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and nervous palpitation— Danger of frequent large blood-lettings in

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Dr. Henry E. Ihiley read a paper entitled "Some Rambling

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on than those of the congenital deaf-mute, still it is a matter of

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of bulk, two distinct objects must be kept in view, viz. first, to lessen the

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typhoid bacilli in the gall-bladder. There seems little

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an indefinite character, but which soon developed into

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Not succeeding in the expulsion of the worm as I expected, I was induced

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flammation fail. Trichloracetic acid is especially useful for

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blood, by spectroscopic examination and by the develop-

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great extent. It contains a mass of practical and valuable in-

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side edge. A saw to be used on a hard bone, like an

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been observed that the continuous presence of the cathe-

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the disease yields to treatment and the patient is recovering,

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Another ZiphopairuB. — Chapot-Prfvost has found another

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in speaking, swallowing and chewing, and weakness of the

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penbriick, visited Palestine, and being deeply impressed

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the truth than if they had attacked their problems with

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College, has been appointed to th« chair of chemistry.

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