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On April th a blood count was made by Dr. Hancock which showed
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recent years. Furthermore iodides have as a rule only a slight influence
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from two million to three million gallons per day there is not the
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It is therefore obvious that when a case of epilepsy first comes under
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in the cerebrum there was no change in the nervous system.
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This muscle should be carefully examined. It can be seen
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the cerebro spinal fluid. He inquired if further operation
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case which I presented during one period of more than
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not be exposed to later invasion in all probability the parent worms
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removed if possible without too great disturbance. If the inflam
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not obey the rules. For these some form of physical
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The condition is an obstinate one. Treatment may have little effect and
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reach the home hospital. Thomas and Jones splints are admir
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jhat he began to limit his practice more and more to the
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increase of the secretion of urine. The reaction of the urine of
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should be employed. For small surgical operations a
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The air evidently plays an important part in the transmis
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was harmful to the renal function by producing a diminution m the total
only during the height of the disease but also before
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time the opinions of medical men in Malta seem to be pretty equally
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upper and middle thirds. Anatomical considerations show that
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the public of the special instruction on which it could
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histolytica. In most instances the endoplasm of E. coK contains one or
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no explanation of the fact that the lungs in children are
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fever. According to Olshausen s investigations the du
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cept one pig that received c.c. of clarified heated serum and
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functions are normal and there is no spastic gait. Speech was said
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the medical service of the Blockley Hospital equally among
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and that results obtained by the use of such methods must be
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cases by the elastic tubing originally recommended but
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the hymen could be discovered there seemed to be a complete
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cerned according to its situation. The growth is easy to feel when it
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by IdtiLester had arterial hypertension varying from
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of the better kinds. The last two seasons at Wheatland sev
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find the uterus slightly displaced backward and slightly enlarged
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red corpuscles were down to and haemoglobin to per cent.
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given as an emetic in doses of. Gm. grains and as a
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the eustachian tube and adjoining parts which was ascribed to

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