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ledge on this subject it is we conceive much safer to consider

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mallei. What diseases are caused by the following bacteria Shiga s

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approximately nine cases had been identified and treated privately and not

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that form of locomotion known as the trot in connection with

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the evolution of life is practically a product of modern


A larger tube was inserted through which the patient

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Heyn advocates the giving of sodium salicylate by rectal injection

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improve and show itself in another one. We may find neither muscular

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tric Ulcer with Abscess Formation Perforation through the Lung with

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the one hand or the pseudo abdominal surgeon on the other

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Becquerel s discovery of rays given off by uranium pitchblende

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irritant like arsenic. Arsenic is selected as an example because it

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discharged from the New Jersey prison he had been aflTected with

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from a gross thick phlegmatic humor which either obstructing the capillary

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coxae senile the advance if any take place is irregular.

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our local dues are but. per year of which is sent to the

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in fees in Glasgow matriculation class and examination fees for the entire course

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to return home and in four months from the date of operation

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and the amendment spreading in a continuous Une. Some

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of women who constantly demand and deserve our attention on account of

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male on account of less active habits. Low mental de

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dose is a tablespoonful three times a day before each meal with

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duced leaving a deformed and ill looking srar and a

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the extreme floods of the rivers which nearly surround it. The

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nnooagulable while the corpuscles floating in a liquor of unnatural density assumed every

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locality or army post. At one camp for instance the

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are occasionally present and there is always a partial or complete reaction

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have known it taken in active haemorrhage from the kidneys and

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also in albuminuria and the secondary effects upon the kidney.

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necrosis in the tissue. Only six of the patients with tu

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