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effected by the capillary attraction dependent upon porosity, which characterizes liviajs

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the body, and analyse the contents of the stomach, and give evidence

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variety of articles relating to medicolegal, socio-economic matters of direct concern to the physician in his

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might not unreasonably expect to find an appreciable Ca retention.

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make a trial of removal before the question of enucleation is en-

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7. Is exudation of the liquor sanguinis inflammation 1 To this I

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16. The remarkable work on the reclamation of some 2 300 square miles of southern

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even by a careful observer, it is interesting to note that a correct diag-

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passive congestion, though conceivably a factor of some importance

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one case, of two days in four cases, of three days in three cases,

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quently the X-rays is our only means of settling whether a given

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oblong, narrowed into a ]5)etiole, crenate, dull green, densely

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of the nerve has passed the stage of irritation, that

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Sir: In The Medic.\l Record of July 12th there is an

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620. — Arnold (H. D.) Some results of the medical in-

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whatever, merely loosening impacted intestinal protru-

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operation, for fear that the hgature was not properly

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disproportionate to their apparently insufficient ration. The

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body. If a foreign body enters the eye, every reason-

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reaction occurs. This procedure has been used in 40 cases with no evi-

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no evidence to show that the poisons of typhoid or malaria had

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as she awakens give her a good cup of beef, chicken, or mutton

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This is a better formula than any of the popular remedies for

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triamterene, and leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, agranulocytosis

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patient cannot execute any lateral movement of the wrist, because the

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and difficulty clearing of secretions.”- Authors also

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The gall-bladder has its own diseases, which I do not stop to

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been reviewed by the Council on Foods and Nutrition

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isms do injury. He had seen several cases of peritonitis

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in this paper. On turning to the table on which Dr. Ewart laid special stress,

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family history, the only point in the latter being that she lost

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the young mind in a wrong direction. While the absence

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Certainly the mode of managing the two places is widely

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