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dysentery but it is certainly comparatively rare in this country not
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As the age of the child increases the number of leucocytes gradually diminishes
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morphia or by an ointment of vaseline parts methyl salicylate part.
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their environment the plasma as much as the amoeba. In all the
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then we have an effect that is of no more use. According to
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Healing and it will be well to inject into the anus a
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result from haemorrhage without precedent bronchitis and
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if the disease becomes in a chronic manner engrafted
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duced minute amphibian monsters destitute of nerves
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duction of splinters or from lacerations of hands or feet which so
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spoonful of powdered starch. He repeats this every second or
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exhavttion in the past ttiree years of the war than in any thoe
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dently determined upon a policy of no compromise. The main
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stance relative to the membrane is inappreciable. Any gas penetrates
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considered it primarily an affection of the rete. While
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be done. Those doubts and dIfEculties which are now slowly
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Without discussing further the merits of this question
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of Commerce because it was taking per cent of the income
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a tenir dans les cas de plaies de l abdomen par coups do
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aponeurotic incision but should be jdaced to one side
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SUCCUS ALTERANS is also strongly recommended for it Tonic and Alterative effects
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laboratory investigations attention of the medical world being
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duct of the Wolffian body which persists in the male
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The skin around the anus and the mucous membrane at the verge
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be given in small quantities at first. The feeding of infants suffer
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of substituting sun pictures for those hand made in the
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excellent way of retaining the fractured ends in position.
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tations of vascular spasm and this theory is in harmony with their
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than it was at the earliest period of life from which we enumerated
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Koeniglich Preussische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu
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is no danger of hemorrhage under ordinary circumstances and that in
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L sufficient to bo the exciting cause of a lobar pneumonia.
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ing the operation. The first aim was accomplished in
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when ground a yellow powder. Odor peculiar unpleas
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yellow or bronze colour this denotes here as elsewhere an
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stated that when he first saw the patient with such an
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motor disturbances associated with the condition and
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metatarsal articulation took place. This case is too long for
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menstruation b what is the present belief as regards

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