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consolidated areas of the lung and from pus in the right tympanic

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and this result can be obtained even when the administration is only begun

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seated between the femoral ring and the entrance to Hunter s canal

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chemical effects within the tissues also alterations in the

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the gravest thought and well deserves our best consid

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cised and drained died of diabetes New Tori Medical Journal.

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were in fair health till its onset when they became

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cardiac and vascular troubles are of two kinds functional and

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the number and qualities of the pulse the quantity and

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ization of the ureters the urines are to be collected

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If you adopt the habit of presenting your pliotograpli to

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Usage In Children Not recommended for use in children under

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scribed above before or after one of the simple anaesthetics

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Chronic endocarditis particularly of the tricuspid segments may also

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the same class which is safer and which soothes to sleep while producing

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The Society is to be congratulated that there are so many

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The intestine nearest the abdominal wall at the point struck is

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braced most of the prominent symptoms of that affection. Attacks of

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ments such as those described. He had read the statements in the

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This is one of many very interesting passages and which if we

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the beauty of its institution. Unquestionably the Tuberculosis

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aortic aneurism. In the work before us no mention is made of the

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and upwards of whom one a male was stated to have been

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only recently degenerated while Weigert s method gives in

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ments attained in this period under aseptic and anti

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This offers the advantage that for those students who have

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with ths classical descriptions of the text books it is

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contracted venereal disease or has ever had a sore upon

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Interesting data have also been obtained on the occurrence of the

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hooping cough it operates well in combination with Asclepin.

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