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surgery from anesthesia to x rays. Of course not every

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its destructive powers were destroyed and when this altered

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in the third case no human pregnancy serum was available and horse s

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duces a counter stain and the xylol clears the preparation.


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mon. The thermometer may register a high temperature though it

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the malarial cycle was supplied by MacCallum of America. Similar

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hooping cough it operates well in combination with Asclepin.

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a horizontal not a vertical plane. The adjective anterior

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established fact that NTT. is the principal base to which the organie

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finds it unsuitable it is quickly hurried out of harm s way

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may be it is well known that according to the experiment of M.

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patients will not be treated in accordance with the tenets of the

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of albumin yielding calories grams of fat yielding calories

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cover from the effects of small doses of many poisons just

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to derive sustenance but to deposit its eggs on the coat and

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middle ear through the guttural pouch and eustachian tube.

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The Influence of Mercurial Compounds Administered by Subcutaneous Injection

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too few of our farmers are figuring on making a profit

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