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a peripheral. The internal is chiefly formed by a compact or vacuo
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poisoning of some kind. When the bacteriology of road dust is considered
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Kola is of the tanno caffeic order. It is stimulating to
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skin and viscid or bloody urine. Usually the fluid is
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involving the hTnphoid tissues suf h as tonsillitis quinsy scarlet
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times. The immediate use of evidently affected animals for food
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the lower cervical and upper dorsal spine. This pain has showed no
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of different animals in shock of this kind is an anatomi
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schools in London. a gt t improvements in medical education liave
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scapular region at lower part moist rdJes over back of
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gical medicinal and hygienic appliances has been arranged by
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swelling decreased especially on the left side difliculty in swallowing
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instruments and means of research their vigorous powers
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tained by the thermotactic centers in the brain and cord
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April discharged April. Classical Ca sarean section.
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the only firm in Southern California handling surgical instru
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greatly from those obtained by the Folin method. In general the
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with which it is brought into contact. If this hypothesis is cor
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hiccough occurs the prognosis is bad. Thirst and restlessness are often
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hibition and which still represents its most instruc
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cervical cord and the legs are not paralyzed one often observes a
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but a remarkable feature in this bone is its extreme small
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tabes and progressive paralysis and this view suggested by pathological
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has proved to be inert with respect to the central nerv
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To render fully intelligible the complete significance of the
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claiming to wide eared laymen their works of wonder.
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of the lungs with excellent results and to their frequent employment
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aneurisms tlie method appears to have succeeded. Yet the inflammation and
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management of the case the prospects of ultimate recovery rest entirely
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and systemic are briefly considered but the sequelae of gonorrhea
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