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the whole is then inverted quickly and a match is placed under the

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Apply electric current to the masseter and temporal muscles.

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ponding waves of pressure. The reason why expiration and not in

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the State of North Carolina adopted at Hot Springs N. C June

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ing from disease which requires special means of care and

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liquids were all products of rapidly progressing infective inflammations

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mostly all ignorant victims of these diseases and of the

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ufed where there is danger of fufFocation from the bulk of it. One

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Prophylaxis Treatment of acute and of chronic dysentery.

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like to impress upon the members of this Association and that

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trouble o look into the vast storehouse of facts collected

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to the injury. He was told that he remained unconscious for three weeks

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are much obliged to Dr Shaffer for his able paper and advocacy of

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muddy water pits. The writer has known cases of tetanus following the

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for the treatment and cure of inebriates and persons

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be found in every household. We prefer the oil and carbolic acid or

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J. J. Putnam of Boston were the first to recognize the hysterical nature

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which to search for new and unknown cases of any communicable disease.

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The arrangement of the ganglion cells along the nerve varies

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introduced into the peritoneal cavity from the vagina.

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