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a small portion near tlie ligature furnishes pus, which is of good con-

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embarrassed state of the lungs. The man has no longer any coonectioa

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150. Its 6rst physician was John Neilson, M.D., whose residence was

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Strong solutions of corrosive sublimate applied to ulcered surfaces have

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ulceration of intestines has probably been slight, and solid food may be

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drier than Luxor, though both are rainless, rain being unknown in Upper

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or centres by disturbances which would not in themselves produce sound,

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separated from one another by connective-tissue septa arising from its

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other respects. I have not observed this lesion in any other chronic dis-

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increased activity, by exercising in slowly graduated passive movements,

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fulfil their tasks with wonderful fidelity ; and being persons of education

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and in health, on the 12th of January. Dr. David Francis Bacon is the

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ployed in treating them. This, I think, is the case with Drs. Bouillaud

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pouches in the bisulphide suffer from headache and vomiting accompanied

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The movement is a very potent one, as most of the leg muscles are brought

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motions of the blood as our guide in forming a conception of the mo-

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they became like those of avian tubercle, and also resembled them in

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4. General bloodletting has been usually regarded as inadmissible in

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friends utiited in stating that she frequently ground her teeth during

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curred throughout. This was all that was deemed requisiMtofor the poor

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newly created medical institution in the City of Albany, we can only

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Again, though Bollinger and others consider the intestine very resistant

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by headache and vomiting, the presumption in favour of typhus is strong.

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fomentations of biniodide of mercury, 1 in 1000, or of black wash, until the

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being semi-tropical, and the other having a climate somewhat resembling

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the symptoms are active. During the summer and autumn some quiet

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becomes established in the course of the first or second year. So in

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toxins. Bergmann and Brieger both prepared toxic bacterial products capable

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or before the fifth day, should not present any difficulty. But it is well to

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whose parasitic form was a rodlet. Metschnikoff, in 1888, proposed to call

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evidence of more or less infiltration of the cellular tissues of various

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