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are best adapted by their organisation to the condition of

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made and the patient anesthetized. An incision was made along the outer

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presenting acceptable medical school credentials and a medical school record

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Heart oz. aortic valve slightly puckered and shows a few fine

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was combined with pilocarpin and strychnine proved efi amp ca

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Dr. B. Merrill Ricketts of Cincinnati said he would

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to make certain that the arterial supply to the stump may

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The condition in plague is more a bacterial infection than an intoxication

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sion since he was unable to demonstrate the production of methemoglobin by

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The fact is that wc have run the risk of being quite

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of age. On examination of the chest nothing abnormal was de

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ate dissipation upon the removal of the source of irritation

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courage of his opinions associated with such a modesty

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skin or if a severed artery does not bleed there can be no

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Dr. T. Halsted Myers said he thought the typhoid spine case showed

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