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87 A Brief Resume of the Grosser Animal Nature and Its Appli-

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fyphoid. Cerebrospinal meningitis is another disease which,

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cially females, this examination should be a compara-

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with water at 100 F., the other with ice water (33 F.)

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curved epiglottis. 6. In the larynx, presence of mucus

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scess of the liver was present in twelve cases — over 12

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Dr. William Weston, Columbia, corresponding secretary; Dr.

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decomposed in the liver, kidneys and muscles. Wiener be-

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the Postal Bill In my hand, and had gotten nearly through the

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procedure should not be passed over without mentioning

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with a string by .A.bbe's method, followed by rapid retrograde

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This is an age of organization and progress, and if the medi-

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ciation : Of all the methods adopted by artists for perpetuating

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opposition from the newspapers and business interests of

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pear in the circulation. The spinal cord lesions of

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features of the report of the Committee on Reorganization of

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pointed, from the Department of Cuba, via San Francisco, Cal.,

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in Lunacy from removing him from oiBoe, although the insti-

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companying cut. (Pig. 1.)" "The former (rubber sheet) is

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these indications for treatment, some of them which

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space. In one case an echinococcic cyst the size of a

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How the fried fish became a source of contagion has not been

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and heart disease is an admirable argument to employ with

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he found four sessile fibroids in its cavity, as large as pigeon's

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which the court decides here — has as such no interest what-

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report. An assistant of his recently started a chemical analy-

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