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Syphilis of the Stomach. Dieulafoy arrives at the following

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skin but this is negatived by observation. The usual course of the articular

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jTlcElroy R. Bellows injection for intestinal obstruc

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degree that makes an autopsy necessary to determine the real

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dilatation is used to designate all non inflammatory con

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sition of solutions intended for hypodermic use. He used

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is also a God send for cholera infantum abating the

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crushing and bruising of the parts from a prolongation of the labour

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to the spinal cord. Be thinks his case resembled Doutrelepont s and

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Quite noteworthy are the respiratory curves obtained by Lortet

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Jarvis of New York removes the redundant soft tissue

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grams increased to fourteen after a time of the fresh

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fected in addition to localities represented the left lower leg and thigh.

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clinical teaching. The transition stage is now the professors

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and excessively and we should use all the means in onr power to

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especially complex movements of the fingers and toes with a

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From this time forward it passes beyond the fostering care of

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been suggested which may be classified somewhat as follows

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quires incubation therein under favorable conditions

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the surgeon shall have recognized the existence of an endometritis and

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Taylor assisted by Mr. Stokes. The ansaesthetic ether was

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ly one of the most valuable improvements in the art of diagnosis made

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intra abdominal tumor is sometimes deceptive. If the

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been passed through a Berkefeld filter. He surmises that

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due to the treatment by sulphate of copper since the expression. There

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Poore heard distinct bronchitic rCxlcs. In two days these had not only

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good and praiseworthy in the physician by standards that

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and other subsequent investigators utilizing the gas chain method.

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In the broadest sense all food is stimulating to the functional

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casts are visible and in the earlier stages of the disease tube casts

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his colleagues are sources of deep disappointment to the

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Is it not difficult to get sufficient length of rib

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