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sideration and the Council passed a resolution recogrnising the
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of the eye which he had successfully treated. He dwelt on the
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taken alone coldness of the surface is open to this objection
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fever variola cow pox perhaps scarlatina pneumonia ulcerous
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subject of pelvimetry without due regard to which modem obstetric
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during the Winter Session of the College and will terminate
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rary relief. The fluid reaccumulating tapping was per
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as well as by day. Means similar to those in pulmonary tuberculosis
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References. Clinical lectures on the office treatment of
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In discussing mycosis of the pharynx the author after dis
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had taken place may not be deemed unworthy of a place in
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abgeschnitten und am.. besitzt die Pflanze ringsherum um die so
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lesson and provides us with many a clue to treatment.
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vomiting the bowels are quite regular and no enemata or aperients
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munity. Suppose is some scientific observer who is observing
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on his side. If in his lying position the broken leg is the
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out while in sounding consonants the breath suffers a
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and eating food with unwashed hands may also be responsible the
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Condensed milk is less liable to disagree in the early
have not achieved in this country signal success in connection
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able indications of the mental condition. In many instances the pupils
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excite respiration and quicken the pulse. It will produce con
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resistance. The outlook is therefore less favorable after middle life.
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risk of the last complication. However the occurrence of
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dependent and absolute in those medical and sanitary mat
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the art of Obstetrics and by so doing to foster an increased interest
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All pasture lands must be unhealthy for they are all moist and
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emaciation takes place we must not only look at the quantity

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