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America (Urfted States and Brazil). It is nonpathogenic, and
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to contract under electrical stimulus. Throughout, the elec-
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tingui-hcil instructor, has done us an important service.
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leg engrossed all attention. Fragments of clothing and spicute of bone were
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Symptoms. — The first symptom is the catarrhal condition of
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Chloroform was used in 131 cases, and in all, so far as the anaesthetic
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diameter. There were a number of small secondary di-
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If the patient has meningitis the fluid withdrawn is, as a rule, but
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causes : First, the steam spray softens and relaxes the
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to the matter were very definitely of the opinion that
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ccEteris paribus, where the urohematin is present in small quantity, as is
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Dr. Chapman in his practical and exhaustive treatises on the
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Family i. Argasid^ Canestrini • i8go. — Ixodoidea without a
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that course from preference, as a deliberate diction. In a few months, however, the
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end to sixty-eight as a result of changes in the myocardium. At the
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tient of Bruntzel, four hours after her delivery, hav-
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color" in describing the syphilitic efflorescence is de-
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Dr. Herbert B. Whitney, in an article on "Some Hints as to
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time his digestion has been perfect, appetite good, and growth
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stitutional syphilis. Dr. Mackenzie observed that though
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tattooed ; also a Iiard feeling to the touch, but no
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had been f^-gotten until M. Lancereaux had drawn the atten-
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it touch the spine, the bones may be eaten away. The pulmonary artery
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correct, then he must have drawn on his tissues to an extent of
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decision will manifest to the keen observer whether we
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tion and abscess formation, with masses of bacteria as the causative factor,
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No. 2 chromated catgut sutures at intervals of about
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articles of food which produce ptomain-poisoning, and
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itself 4li the right si^iperior occipital convolution, and had
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public mind and it furnishes the best possible drainage.
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cells. In a few days the mononuclear cells, lymphocytes,
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from the following cases. A woman, set. 36, took two teacupfuls of infusion
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not too strong, but to the point, and certainly they do

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