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Parry and subsequent reflection has only tended farther to

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animals bitten or inoculated the antidote may be able during the

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Society of Anaesthetists discussed the choice of an anaesthetic. E

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were ntony enlarged glands in the vicinity which sctmcd

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the first hours of symptoms would with greater probability

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it was normal. The feces were normal except for a prompt reaction

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Medicine and Veterinary Science of McGill University Dr. D.

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that is not so. Ordinary phthisical disease of the lung spreading

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by any provision that would have found place in the Bill.

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much difficulty in determining the exact conditions owing to

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bonate and ether are again used and the bases in a purer

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as being less liable to result in permanent fistula. A

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dish swelling. It may proceed from the upper or lower

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elbow left. This was exposed and threaded through the

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in translating and abstracting this material. In this connection

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furnisli such articles as have no superior in mechanical skill and

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discuss. Its etiology is uncertuin its pathology unsettled and its treat

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slowly formed from the protein of the diet. This says Jaffa should

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in that which they have described under the name of podagra

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a grey slough looking like the worst form of foul venereal

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An important exception to this is observed however in

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The treatment consisted in keeping the patient in bed rubbing the

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that of Mediterranean fever. At the outset of the disease

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of the S T interval were altogether due to slow cardiac rhythm it

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from repeated attacks of inflammation partially excor

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D N. Kinsman Columbus Studies in Immunity and Treatment

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the part may be restored to its former condition. There

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either the intercostals or the diaphragm there is an interval of a few

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