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often laid bare a recollection of misery rather than of

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outlay necessarj for acquiring a title to practise medicine in dif

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cent of the total numl er of cases eciuivalent to death in. cases.

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connection which can be offered is that the outside papers had better

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thologists with special interest in thyroid disease is indi

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John Wilson Paton M.D. Rock Ferry Cheshire son of Robert Paton

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jection of carbolic acid was followed by syncope restored by artificial

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ening of the tumor occurs from one cause or another

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Tenneson and Dercum in which unilateral convulsions or paralysis have

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report of the proceedings of the Parliamentary Bills Committee.

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upon the use of naphthalene in surgery however have

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becomes evident after the delay of twenty or thirty minutes more

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actinic property of its spark and spray discharge and to

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appears incapable of duly closing the passage between the auricle

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a symposium of London public health officers is pre

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or follicular the ultimate fonnation of scar tissue

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ready access to the portal circulation. As a result of

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Dr. Barker Her tongue is heavily coated and red at the

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somewhat increased in amount the condition was not well enough e. tablishetl to

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removed from the free border of one of the folds by

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Passing now to the treatment by abdominal section the

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real as those depending on more obvious physical alterations and

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treated in the wards of the hospital but this was discontinued

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the ulcerative and the hypertrophic. Individuals extremely

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mental abnormality is mainly evidenced by exaggerated impressionability

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more intellectual it is the abstract id.ea of God among

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spinal fluid to be under increased pressure. It contained cells per cubic

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