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them realise that what they were gettincj was worth paying

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cases the most serious consequences frequently ensue from the

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cated reactions involved and the character of the preparation

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are unable to say neither reasoning from physical premises nor

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In complete placenta prsevia the outlook is most gloomy for

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I am satisfied that the work of the State Board of Health in

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It seems probable that Monkey was killed too late for successful transmission.

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the establishment of ovariotomy as a recognised operation for abdominal

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New Voi U State. An act relating to the further sup

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putrid sore throat. It is distinguished by intense inflammation of the

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Strengthen the relaxed ligament. It is moreover a de

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he had preconceived before his attention had been directed to

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sinuses practically all cases of inflammation of the brain and its

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showed a marked jaundice color both of the skin and

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pulse has been good but there has been continuous fever from

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was held in Augusta Me. on January. Election of officers

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It has often been said that the Fellowship is open to all

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undefined condition that we call nervousness. I value the

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cleanliness during birth and the puerperal state is sufficient to

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Patient made a good recovery and was discharged on st February.

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tomy and the cervix is healthy do a supravaginal am

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contain an estimated population of at least persons. The

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Its melting point was only slightly different from the unsaturated

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and produce great loss of tissue turning the rectum and

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variations in the mode of insertion. In the lion two pan

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Paul Hazard Professor at the College de France Editor

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treatment of syphilis and while all that the author


The upper part of this sac was filled with firmly laminated fibrin.

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Of the vaginal strains two Strains V. and V. possessed

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could only be replaced with great difficulty are not so

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more toxic than pure ethyl alcohol of equal quantity and strength.

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themselves they let forth the serous portion of the blood and if

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the bows of the vessel. I could not have meant to indicate the

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agitans must be regarded as a chronic senile change in the nutrition of

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