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seen with greatest frequency in the inferior portions of the brain.

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further showed that the blood of an immunized animal had the power

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gynecologist, since, however expert the examiner, when the saccular exu-

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menting material and particles of undigested matter, during the night.

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fatal issue in many cases, from the very inception of the disease. I

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Children are frequent victims to intestinal tuberculosis, and the bacilli

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ings of those struck down during the battles in which the Can-

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In such cases do not forget to watch the kidneys, remember-

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There is a proverb that " God takes care of little children and

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In the human body the impact of cold conveyed by any medium

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the latter has run its course. As a rule, the return occurs from one

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tween two and twenty years of age there is less liability, and between

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ing may be taken by fitting the stump tightly and so getting cir-

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to wander into the hands of lay and medical quacks rather than apply

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tients feel the first shock of the bath ; but these symptoms soon sub-

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Berlin which sifts carefully all statistics pertaining to medicine. In

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baths, is his chief reliance. His best results have been obtained from

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The Jioanl point out thai tlie Ciovcrnnient inquiries inti) the

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wonderfully improved. In herds treated, seventy-eight per

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typhus eruption, and the non-epidemic appearance of the disease are

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skin, the excreted urine, being composed of both liquid and

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nausea remained for about thirty-six hours from the com-

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James Syme, of Edinburgh. Should I be asked to name the

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effect upon medicine, and only those in favor of the ruling

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precision, and their universal adoption can be expected only when their

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go pregTiancy. You can see the importance of this. It is a

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The most striking and important similarity is that the chief point

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reach the arteries and produce thrombo-arteritis. From the former con-

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moist rales). 3Iiliary tuberculosis rarely develops as either a complica-

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