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is the more necessary since by a disastrous fire in the first

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the grievance which he alleges. This will no doubt be one of

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there was still a small quantity of serous discharge.

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day the pain ceased the pulse was l O and extremely feeble

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and. perhaps more than all else the increased number of

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out in one another what is worthiest and best and so work

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contributed to our knowledge except the records of some

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The meetings of the Society have always been replete in

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silver loving cup as this marked his fifty seventh birth

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Vllpare k terine hydramnios consid rable nedenie sans

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which was in reality greater there would bo deaths from

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alveoli which have become squeezed and distorted in the areas of inter

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if we look at our other case we find a very con.siderable amount

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nearly so well defined as iu normal epidermis. The papillai

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pathological anatouiv of scarlatinal nephritis. Med. News

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been applied to the cases which we have just reported on the

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to preclude a relapse that the medicine should be extended for some time.

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lameness with the fragments in close or even immediate

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the hospital at this tinir hr jiast week also h id two deaths

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to the Hospital Sunday and Saturday Funds for no clergyman

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outset it is a problem which ophthalmology has successfully

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Necrosis Death of a portion of bone still retained in the body.

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probable a view and if not what becomes of the common

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or in practice of restricting the services of a hos

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black hole in the middle while those of the colt are round

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been much improved and no doubt his probability of life lengthened

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A few words as regards treatment. It is almost useless to attempt

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portions carrying it to the lymphatic vessels which abound there so

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gradual decline in the rates of smoking in both sexes and

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than one half inch or an inch but it becomes more apparent

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