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intervals varying from three weeks to thirteen months.

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deadness together with a loss of power and control of the feet, arms,

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constipated ; general condition excellent. Examination of fauces and

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We must not lose sight of the fact that many cases of stone

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cases have since discontinued the use of the whiskey and have

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position would still further tend to bear out this view.

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pieces can only be accomplished by metallic wiring of the bones, and this

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Evidently it does not, and therefore must be regarded as a weak-

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She nursed both of her Csesarean children, and her milk came on the

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incision parallel with Poupart's ligament. It is useless to try to close

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patient suffering from arterio-sclerosis. Paraldehyde and urethan seem quite

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now presents the appearance of a fibroid tissue with one or more giant

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used. Less velocity would not grind the tumors away ; and greater velocity,

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stantiates the bigeminal character of the pulse, but the second

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The degree of fever proves nothing as to the severity of diphtheria. The

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will never fully develop. The majority of adults have many

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in eight or ten hours, and later here too toleration is established,

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was compelled to lay aside a certain percentage of his earnings as

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The case has been under my observation for the last four years, though

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our author's denial of relationship between the symptoms grouped under

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XV., XIX., XXVL, XXXIII.) to melancholia, and nine (X., XL,

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leg, including the toes. The position of the fragments is almost identical with

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against the spread of the venereal peril. Figures recently compiled

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