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odor. In these latter cases a certain amount of nerve excitation, shown

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assume a dilatation of the left ventricle when the dulness, as a matter of

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all of the cases that have been treated with sulphur the re-

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In any case in which the urine is found to contain fat it is important to

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1 . Notes from the Electrical Department, St. Bartholomew's

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region revealed an absolutely smooth surface and un-

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M, A portion of the fibrous sac, showing the ulcerated openings formerly

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i The Farmer's Veterinary Adoiser. A Guide to the Prevention and Treatment of Disease

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the curable pathologic processes checked or cured, thereby sav-

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blood-flow in the renal vessels. "It is necessary also

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heart of a frog weighing 30 gm. This quantity Gottlieb calls^ a "frocr

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cause the whole sternum to give a dull sound. A hepatized lung

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hyperphoria, when one visual axis makes an angle in the vertical sense with

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deficiencies we then noted in the work. There seemed to us to

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may reach us before its close, we are happy to find that these ordinances

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you time searching. You’ll find our service fast —

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where suppuration in the joint occurs, are hardly more

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dead body, and the ^ rv * . f t Among these, the wt/sca ■

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childhood is ditflcult, if not impossible. The papules may

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Camphor. — Camphor is an excellent anodyne, opera-

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The various circumstances which appear to influence the

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uses for flagyl and keflex

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tation of the attributive powers of either sex. This period, whether

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the arteries, the veins and lymphatics, are the capillaries and the

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signs of sepsis and fever of irregular type. There are, however, cases in

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First of the period of life most obnoxious to the disease — it is

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existence of a true weakness of the heart muscle with dilatation

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be found of good quality. It should be used according

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The Essentials of Physical Diagnosis of the Chest and Abdomen.

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hyperglycemia will often persist much or locally, was observed. In the second

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marked pits in the bone above them. Calcareous deposit occurs in the

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the Boards of Guardians feel no desire to get all the sick treated, but seek.

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rhea may occur with greater frequency, and ultimately

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