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The four deaths which took place among animals treated during

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with artistic skill before we attempt to furnish them.

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The revised classification of causes of death adopted by

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which he had diagnosticated as adherent prepuce. A careful examination

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Inflammation of the Bladder Cystitis. Idiopathic inflamma

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presence of bile in the gastric contents is indicative of duodenal occlusion.

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Madras local papers with a view to stimulating the cultivation

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the nipple which if not softened and removed before the birth of

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merus against the glenoid surface while their tendons

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Handbook of Surgery and is in no way to be confounded

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curiously inquire into the origin of a child who will

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rarer eye phenomena. Pellagra is a recognized cause of cataract espe

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that at all events under certain conditions not only is the person

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from medical literature it would seem that North America and Scandinavia

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heart there is a more or less general arterial spasm mani

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measures such as the frequent writing of medical theses during pro

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tations of vascular spasm and this theory is in harmony with their

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ligament and into the upper thigh. An opening was consequently made into

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distracting the minds and hearts of our children from

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temperature as a remedy exclusively adapted to rheu

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One patient was suffering from pulmonan tuberculosis with haemop

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States army applicable to a battalion. Instruction in artil

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intimate relation at the spot indicated by the letter H. The

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The lungs may or may not be inflated depending on the age of

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acute inflammation of the spleen as shown by its congestion tense capsule and

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on dilTerent animals with regard to the question of the inoculability of

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cardiac disorder following some infectious disease. The cardiac symp

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bounds whilst for the autumn that came after under a

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With tabes dorsalis which frequently occurs in neurotic subjects there

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tampons bandages etc. Aristol Gauze is now widely used in the place

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