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into the finest sifted bread crumbs ; fry them in boiling lard.

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and the touch of his hands altered their attitude of mind

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of all preparations which I have used, and is the only agent I use

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from three dental offices upstairs. City 3,500, drawing

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Dr. Leavell : The case in which death resulted from ab-

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the Chairman of the Committee, on or before June 29.

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the prevention of some of these infections was filling

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sup23uration was detected low down in tlie alidomen,

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of words and the indiscriminate use of the same word in more

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formation, but largely directing individual effort, and original investiga-

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results. The subject has been further confused by classing with actin-

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Jahrb. d. JFie7ier KrankcTuinstaUen, I89'i. — 3. Botjlay. Gaz. des hopitaux, iu\y 1891.

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Dr. Austin Flint, Chairman of the Committee on Prize Essays, reported that

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in no instance was there an absolute and progressive improvement

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19 American Association of Medical Assistants, Inc. — Wisconsin So-

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