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Pamphlets Received. — The Sunbeam and the Spcctrascope. By Howard Townsend, M.D,

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purulent exudation from mucous membranes or raw surfaces.

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nourishuiont, however concentratod. which did not prevent the ac-

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A preparation often improperly called " chloride of

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ter. He now goes home, expecting to resume his old eriiployment

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5 i. of water — that was used whenever her distress was <z;reatest, tjavc

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gular uniformity the stimulating treatment — whether in the acute or

mestinon dose for ocular myasthenia

Syno7iym.— Sal volatile, alcoolat ammoniacal aromatique, Fr.j

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artificially by the action of acids on colchicine ; slightly

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found the pain had entirely disappeared, and lie was conipariitivcly

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A 10-per-cent. solution of protargol induces less flushing

mestinon overdosering

able ; but they may be used with benefit in acute muscular

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one of the most valuable in the ophthalmic pharmacopccia. — Edin-

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regains its arterial tint when removed from the body and

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stimuli, protrusion of the eye-balls and convulsions. The

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occurring, the evidence is of course more easily arrived at and is in

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plied with a circular bandage, along the course of the cavity of the

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whether phosphoric acid acts either as a tonic or reconsti-

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In cases of retinitis, with photophobia, I think it might be advan-

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Derivation.— Heat lead oxide in acetic acid and water.

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composition of the poison and tho complete appropriation of its

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muscles relaxed and another attack could not be produced

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uneven ; the bark rather thick, separated froni the somewhat

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exhibition of the drug. Oil of turpentine is less frequently

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ness and supposed superior bactericidal properties, recent;

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of one or two batteries of light artillery — lience I have seen but little

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would be involuntarily bent, and any motion of the affected member

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! — . There are many such men of acknowledged ability as

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«'ye ; she haw also darting pain in the eye two or three tirnfs a day.

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