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profession, of the use of this article in pneumonia, so far as I have
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Bennet to ignore the facts in favour of permanent residence in
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A New Ice Pessary. — Mr. Bird, whose very ingenious in-
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anus in cases of intestinal obstruction was first suggested by
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passed between the two blades of the instrument in such a way
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the strongest stimulants, in concentrated form, are the best.
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tric irritability, as to allow of a little wine being taken with the
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results as serious and as certain , but more slowly and with less
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being deeper, almost instantaneous and consequently less painful,
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or less local or generalized disturbance. Many lesions seem to
hospital. M. Peter admits the existence of a connection between
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pleasant symptom, except in two or three instances, languor. The
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lobe especially acts in this way. We can upon the prostate. It is rare that stricture
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the thermometer registered below zero. We might also expect
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We observe that Dr. Smith makes no mention of a treatment we
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system at once exerts a remarkable steadying influence on the
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they commenced, or be converted into one of a more grave and ma-
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in from 50 to 70 per cent. In experimental animals and cattle
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itance is so remote that it is not taken into ed granulation tissue is thrown up around
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cases, occurring in impressionable persons, to employ 150 grammes J
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In turkeys it appears as a variable number of foci in which
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Indiana where they caused during the summer enormous losses
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irritability and thus materially facilitate the treatment by dilata-
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by Norgaard, wdio assisted in this investigation, as the same
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ued. Alcohol causes at least one-half of our lower classes
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no diarrhoea in fact ; complaints are made that the bowels are not
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often extremely difficult to make out a di- in pneumonia we have usually but o«c decid-
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Now, the common factors to which the effect of alcohol and
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tion too. The exaggerations about "the In a general sense the relationship of mi-
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Battle, P. L. Murphy and Albert Anderson, he charged nothing. I told him not only
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Gelatin. — Ordinarily it does not grow in gelatin. (Dr. Theobald
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The action which, according to Dr. Ames, phosphorus exerts
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and proximate causes, of their symptomatology, tea. Indeed, I do
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amined by the various boards for the last answer 75 or So per cent, of the ten of his
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the maintenance of the virus when introduced and predispose
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I will only mention the extremely com- tient suffering from repeated attacks of
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cerning pigeons and the fact is reiterated by Dawson, that the
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liquors as an element of ordinary diet ; and it would seem obvious
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Quick, temporary results not to be expected, but slow and permanent im-
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the temperature in patients labouring under dementia an hour
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within the inflamed connective tissue which surrounds the
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should contain no acids. (ScJwiidt's Jahrh. der Gesammt. Medicin,
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ing the finger nails, or even eating a piece usually of a chalky white. If the patient
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subsided and the normal condition was rapidly restored. The

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